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Renters Choice Homes

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Paul, Thank you. I really appreciate everything. Remember, you can make decisions as u see fit. Hope all is well with you and again THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!! Jo
Oh...... I could fall in love with you (if you weren't my kids age)....... You're so wonderfully efficient. Thanks. Dawn
Yay for Paul!!!! Thank you so much. Dee
Paul, I am so glad that I found you. As I have told you many times, my last property management experience was horrible. They never returned my calls and never did what they said they would do. I am so glad that I found you! Ruben and Josie
Paul, It was so nice seeing you this weekend. The house looks great! I am so glad I found you last year. Everything has been so easy since!!!! Jim and Cathy
Paul, I have owned rental for 35 years. I love owning them but I can't stand tenants. That was until I called you. Thanks for making this another great year. Pat and Mary
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9 Biggest Mistakes in choosing a Property Management Company.

  1. Choosing a company that doesn’t inspect every home every month. How can you know your home is being taken care of if your Property Manager (PM) isn’t looking at it every single month? We inspect all of our homes every single month. We do interior inspections 6 months after a tenant moves in and then yearly after that. We are not aware of any other property management company that performs this crucial task.
  2. Paying a percentage (%) of the lease price as a Management Fee. Why do some companies charge twice as much to manage a $2000/month home as a $1000/month home? Are they harder to manage? No.  In fact, low priced homes are the hardest to manage. Tenants in those homes are usually younger, lower income, and financially or emotionally vulnerable to life’s changes. As a result there are more job losses, break ups/divorces and surprise financial happenings that can easily affect the likelihood of getting rent on time (or at all). Renters Choice charges a low flat fee of $85 per month for any home we manage.
  3. Choosing a company that doesn’t offer MLS and Realtor.com to market your property. Using MLS (the Multiple Listing Service – how Realtors know what homes are available for rent) in association with Realtor.com (the world largest and most used real estate web site) to market your property is critical to find the highest quality tenant in the shortest time possible
  4. Trusting your Management Company. Does that sound cynical? Yes. But after years of shocking stories of promises made and not delivered by other companies, not trusting your property management company is the wisest move a smart property owner can make. With Renters Choice all of our communications are documented and available to you. All repairs have invoices with photos proving the repairs were done. All inspections are documented and date stamped and continually available for your review so that you know that we have done what we have said we would do. Will you trust us? Of course. But we believe you should “Trust but Verify”.
  5. In-house agents showing your vacant property. Sounds like a terrific idea, right? Wrong. If you are a tenant looking for a house you are likely driving by areas that you want to live in. Once you find one that looks interesting you want to see it now. But it can easily take an agent 2+ hours to 2 days to arrive (assuming they are available at all). To solve that problem most companies use generic combination lockboxes and give the prospective tenant the code. However, that presents a security issue. Once a tenant has the combination what is to prevent them from coming back into the home and taking what they want? At Renters Choice we use an electronic lockbox that tenants must register to use (which includes supplying credit card information) that gives them one time access to your property. Since we have all of their information there is no security concern. 
  6. Property Management company doesn’t use Realtor electronic lockbox. Not only do we use lockboxes with changing combinations, we use Realtor electronic lockboxes as well that track all activity from who showed the house to when. They also allow us to get feedback on all showings. With feedback we can quickly discover if your price is in line with other rentals in the area or if there is an easily curable condition that we can take care of quickly. That reduces market time and vacancy days.
  7. Choosing a company that has too many “active” properties. The easiest way to gauge a Management Company’s marketing success is reviewing their “Properties Available” page on their web site. In this market a home should never be on the market longer than a couple of weeks. If a Management Company has 20 or 30 properties available that is a sign that individual owners are being forgotten and thousands of dollars of potential rent is being lost.
  8. Not having Broker negotiated leases. A lease is an extremely important contract between you and the tenant. As with all contracts, they should be negotiated by skilled professionals. At Renters Choice, all leases are negotiated by our Broker who has been in real estate sales and leasing for well over 24 years. He also has been one of the Top 300 Realtors in America, the Top 100 Realtors in America and Top 50 Solo Producing Realtors in America. He has negotiated literally THOUSANDS of successful contracts.
  9. Choosing a company that has cancelation fees. One way to judge a company’s confidence in their service is reviewing their cancellation fees. If they truly believe they do a good job and keep the promises they make, then there wouldn’t be a need for cancelation fees. At Renters Choice, we are so confident that you will love our service that if you aren’t happy within the first 90 days you can cancel your service and receive 120% of your money back! If you want to cancel after that, there are no fee! It’s as simple as that.

Owner Fees:

$85 Monthly Management Fee

$895 Leasing Fee (Includes MLS and Realtor.com)

Due only after we are successful in placing a tenant.

Nothing out of pocket.


GUARANTEED Full Service includes:

Exterior inspections - Monthly

Interior Inspections - At six months and at lease renewal.

Smaller company means:

  • more communication
  • better follow up
  • better control of costs


Celebrating 25 years

of Real Estate Sales and Management Excellence


Our philosophy at Renter Choice Homes is that hiring a management company should bring peace to your life. Once that is accomplished our fee is the best money you could invest in yourself.

As you may know, it’s the details that can make owning a rental a challenge, keeps you awake at night, give you anxiety and make you want to get rid of “that house”. In frustration, people turn to property management companies to handle “everything” for them. So, what is “everything”? It depends on who you ask.

An owner would say “everything” is:

  1. Watch the home so that you know if something is going wrong (before the neighbor, HOA or Police do).
  2. Find a great tenant quickly so that it doesn’t sit vacant too long and cost too much money.
  3. Make sure the lease is done right.
  4. To remember all the details.
  5. Communicate with the tenants and make sure your property is taken care of.
  6. Handle anything that comes up.

To most management companies “everything” is:

  1. Put it on the market while spending as little as possible so that they can find “a” tenant versus finding “a great” tenant.
  2. Inspect their properties “periodically”, “routinely” or “regularly”.
  3. Write leases, run credit, collect rent and handle repairs.

So what’s the difference? And how does that affect you and your home? Two (2) main differences:

One of the most important details in managing a home successfully and one that is core to our philosophy is monthly exterior inspection and interior inspections after the tenant has been there 6 month (once the tenant has gotten comfortable and is living as they normally do) and a follow up inspection for the lease renewal. These inspections do two important functions:

  1. Lets tenants know that we are around. If they perceive we care then they will care. Much like a child, a tenant performs better when they know we are watching. We also contact tenants to praise them when they are keeping the house up and correct them when they aren’t. We also check if they need some assistance (like a landscaper). 
  2. Lets us know if something is wrong with the property or needs repair. Catching problems quickly always reduces the repair costs. A bathroom leak repaired after 6 weeks costs far less than one repaired after 8 months.

Our leasing fee includes MLS and Realtor.com which exposes your home to the largest number and highest quality tenants both locally and nationwide. That ensures you are getting the house leased as quickly as possible for the highest rent possible. Does every property management company use MLS? No. Because it costs hundreds of dollars for each house because we have to pay the tenant’s agent. Using a company that doesn’t use MLS could save you $300 in fees but you could spend $1000 - $2000 in additional payment. Plus the tenant quality could be  lower which increases ownership costs too.

If you are looking for the high quality property management that won't kill your bottom line please send us and email and we can show you how we do what we do. Email [email protected]m for information, a courtesy drive by inspection (or interior inspection) and market analysis.



Paul Ruston, Broker

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